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Chrome browser from Google has released new version, Google Chrome There are some changes made to improve the performance of chrome. For you hear the new Google Chrome Browser can try this from Google.
Features offered are very good. Ability does not lose the Google Chrome Browser with others such as Firefox and Opera. Chrome on the features there are also Speed Dials, Private Browser, Tab to the dynamic, the view that easy and light, there are also features of Google Safe Browsing where you will get a notification if the site is dangerous as a phishing site or contain malware.
Not only that, there are many more capabilities of the Google Chrome browser. At the time this update is not only for Windows OS only, but also for the Mac and Linux.

Changes for Windows :
* Form suggestions now shrink properly as the list of suggestions gets shorter.
* Extensions can now auto-update.
* Set the default minimum font size to 12 for Chinese and 10 for Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Thai.

Changes for Mac :
* Mac now supports drag and drop of URLs, plain text, and HTML into and out of the content area, as well as within text fields and the thumbnails on the new tab page. URLs can be dragged to and from other apps, the Finder/Desktop, and the Dock.
* Fix for download shelf crash when clearing all downloads.
* First cut at infobars.
* Add JavaScript Console menu item to View > Developer submenu.

Changes for Linux :
* Allow dragging a link from the web contents to the bookmark bar to get a named bookmark.
* Add additional hotkeys (Ctrl-Enter, Shift-F5, Shift + Scroll Wheel).
* Dock development tools.

To download Google Chrome - Offline Installer, please follow the link below :

Download Google Chrome - Installer Offline
Download Google Chrome for All Version

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