Indexing On The Bing Search Engine

You surely already know, Search Engine from Microsoft that are given with the name Bing. Bing is the result of collaboration between the 2 big companies Microsoft and Yahoo. Bing be a potential competitor Google. So, do not close the possibility Bing may become our main search engine later. But let that be the winner who is not too important, at this time we as bloggers are trying how we are positioned Blog on top of all search engines, the index alone is not enough.

Submit URL to Bing
So that in the bing blog index is very simple, we only go to this address only, Please enter it directly addresses the verification code and blog.

Authentication Meta Tags and Submit URL in Bing
To further increase Bing aga spider can crawling and indexing your blog's Meta Tags. Please visit directly Bing Webmaster, to be able to do some settings you must be registered in the first

Web Address: blog entries name (example:

Sitemap address: (I'm still not clear to the sitemap atom.xml also work well what does not)

Meta tags authentication -> input authentication code in the html page blog to each of us, this code is usually placed under the code <head>

If not wrong, the blog you have ever been before in terindex MSN Search also potentially terindex in Bing. so please check with the course directly enter the URL of the blog.

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