'Mbah Surip' Died In to Hospital

'Mbah Surip' 60 years, died in the journey to the Hospital Pusdikkes TNI AD, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. 'Mbah Surip' hearse arrived at the Hospital Pusdikkes at time 10:30 WIB, and by dr. Tias. Up to now has not been definitely known causes of death 'Mbah Surip'.
According to the invention Martina Omega Hospital Medical Pusdikkes, 'Mbah Surip' corpse had to be for one hour at the Hospital Pusdikkes. Directly on the corpse and take home by relatives who carry the merry Mamik.
Previously, on Sunday night (2 / 8) 'Mbah Surip' leader had fainted due to exhaustion after the conser in Yogyakarta. 'Mbah Surip' birth Mojokerto, East Java, that are in demand after the song is 'Tak Gendong Kemana-mana' become popular in the community.
Men called original Urip Ariyanto this is fenomenal. The song 'Tak Gendong Kemana-mana' the simple fact of life 'Mbah Surip' able to change from street musicians to be miliarder. 'Mbah Surip' fortune not only from the sale of the tone row, it also contracted for a home production with star sinetron honorarium Rp 5-25 million per episod.
Up to now it is still blond 'Gimbal' contracted a simple house in the village of Artists, Cipinang, East Jakarta.

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