Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 - Full Version

On this day, mozilla again increasing performance with upgrading to Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 with the addition of many enhanced features. Internet users can upgrade directly through automatic updates, without having to re-download mozilla firefox 3.5.2.
But if internet users want to download mozilla firefox 3.5.2 full version, you can take on This Blog or directly to Here is a feature of mozilla firefox 3.5.2:

Top Features :
* Private Browsing (News Features). Surf the Web without leaving a single trace.
* Password Manager. Remember site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up.
* Awesome Bar. Find the sites you love in seconds (and without having to remember clunky URLs).
* Super Speed. View Web pages way faster, using less of your computer’s memory.
* Anti-Phishing & Anti-Malware. Enjoy the most advanced protection against online bad guys.
* Session Restore. Unexpected shutdown? Go back to exactly where you left off.
* One-Click Bookmarking. Bookmark, search and organize Web sites quickly and easily.
* Easy Customization. Thousands of add-ons give you the freedom to make your browser your own.
* Tabs. Do more at once with tabs you can organize with the drag of a mouse.
* Instant Web Site ID. Avoid online scams, unsafe transactions and forgeries with simple site identity.

Security & Privacy :
* Private Browsing (New Features).
Sometimes it’s nice to go undercover. When this feature is enabled, you won’t leave a single browsing fingerprint behind for others to discover. You can slip in and out of private browsing mode quickly, so it’s easy to return to what you were doing before as if nothing ever happened (you can also browse privately all the time).

* Anti-Malware
Firefox protects you from viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware. If you accidentally access an attack site, it will warn you away from the site and tell you why it isn’t safe to use. Firefox checks every part of a Web page before loading it to make sure nothing harmful is sneaking in the back door.

* Anti-Phishing
Shop and do business safely on the Internet. Firefox gets a fresh update of web forgery sites 48 times in a day, so if you try to visit a fraudulent site that’s pretending to be a site you trust (like your bank), a browser message—big as life—will stop you.

* Forget This Site (New Features)
Having second thoughts about having visited a certain Web site? With this feature, you can remove every trace of that site from your browser—no questions asked!

* Parental Controls
Enforce parental control settings you’ve entered on Vista—stop unwanted downloads and more.

* Anti-Virus Software
Firefox integrates elegantly with your antivirus software. When you download a file, your computer’s antivirus program automatically checks it to protect you against viruses and other malware, which could otherwise attack your computer.

* Pop-Up Blocker
Banish pop-ups (and pop-under windows) from your surfing experience once and for all. Or, find a happy medium—choose to view blocked pop-ups or create an “allow” list of sites whose pop-ups you’re okay with seeing.

* Automated Update
Our open-source security strategy lets us find—and fix—security issues in record time, making Firefox the safest way to surf. Install upgrades when you receive automatic notification or wait until you’re ready.

* Customized Security Settings
Control the level of scrutiny you’d like Firefox to give a site and enter exceptions—sites that don’t need the third degree. Customize settings for passwords, cookies, loading images and installing add-ons for a fully empowered Web experience.

* Add-ons
Firefox looks for a secure connection before installing or updating add-ons, 3rd party software, and Personas.

* Password Manager
We’ve seamlessly integrated this feature into your surfing experience. Choose to “remember” site passwords without intrusive pop-ups. Now you’ll see the “remember password” notification integrated into your view at the top of the site page.

* Smaller Memory Footprint
Short and sweet, Firefox uses less of your computer’s memory while it’s running.

* Memory Management
With a new management function in place, Firefox keeps memory usage under control. The XPCOM cycle collector continuously cleans up unused memory. Plus, hundreds of memory leaks have been remedied.

* Faster Page Load
A redesigned page rendering and layout engine means you see Web pages faster—and in the way they were meant to be seen.

* Color Profile Support
The colors in your online photo albums will be sharper and more brilliant than ever, thanks to improvements to our graphics engine.

* Super Speed (News Features)
Fasten your seatbelt: Firefox 3.5 includes the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, which gives the browser dramatically better performance than ever before. Firefox has always been fast, but this is the fastest Firefox ever (more than twice as fast as Firefox 3, and ten times as fast as Firefox 2), meaning Web applications like email, photo sites, online word processors and more will feel snappier and more responsive.

If you want to download Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 Full version or just want to see the latest features, you can select the download link below:

Download : Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 - Full Version
Download : Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2 - All New Features

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