Design Mozilla Firefox 4

Not yet old launched Firefox 3.5, Mozilla has started installing square off for Firefox 4. Some images design Firefox 4 is expressed at the start Mozilla Wiki. From some of the design shown, one of the designs have similarities with Google Chrome. Among other changes in the location of the tab control the position of the top.Design is in fact also be used by Apple Safari 4, but removed when the final release.
Other changes that are visible is the standard menu bar is missing from the circulation, and the location page and tools that are on the side of the search fields. For a design similar to this one in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

In addition to lost or moved to the old bar, Mozilla also include new things that actually is not too significant given the name of the Combo Stop / Refresh / Go Button. On one of the designs shown, see the box on the right side of the search fields that will change color according to the action taken. For example, if we want to go to a site, then the box will change color so green, if you want to exit akan changed so red.

Of all the changes that are indicated, one of the changes the most is the loss be pitied bookmark link bar. Changes that have got this one protest from the Internet because users can not be reset if need to find a long-web web who want to visit.

Although it looks a lot of changes, not the means designs that indicated the design is final. All design is just the beginning of the design course, a mockup, and not necessarily used in the design end.

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