Safari 4, The Faster Browser

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2009 in San Francisco, the U.S. also became the campaign momentum Safari 4. Latest browser versions claimed that Apple made a lot more faster to access the website from the Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, and Chrome.
This is due to an increase in Nitro Engine features in Safari 4 which has four times the capacity of the preceding version of Safari to access the web pages more quickly.
In fact, Apple said the feature, the browser can execute JavaScript safari around 8 times faster than IE8, and 4 times faster than Firefox 3 and based on the SunSpider test iBench.
In addition to speed execution question, Safari 4 also offers several new features that simplify and speed users to choose which website will be visited. Safari 4 ways to re-create the web pages that have been opened more quickly and easily. These features, among other TopSites, CoverFlow, and Full History Search.

TopSites provide preview pages for your favorite sites on one page. Safari 4 will track the sites visited most often and the user will put the 24 most favorite site thumbnail page TopSites.
CoverFlow even show the home page view all websites that have been visited and stored in history and bookmarks. Made a similar form of books and to open the home page, simply move the cursor with. This is easier for users to re-visit the page that had visited. Features such as the previously introduced iPod and iPhone.
If users forget what the page is never seen and will be visited again, use the Full Search History TopSites page. Safari 4 store all data in the text all the web pages stored in history.
Some features are in fact similar to that made ditaarkan Google Chrome or Opera latest. However, always distinguish the software made by Apple is a matter of appearance. 3D effect is very thick in Safari 4. So, try it if you want to prove. Safari is available in versions for Mac and Windows. This software can be downloaded free at the Apple page.

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